Some Interesting Facts About Italian Food

Today I want to talk about 3 facts about Italian food you might not know. A subject that I found fascinating, but was also very surprised by (thanks to Brickell Italian Restaurant).

The first is that Italian food is actually really popular in Japan. The demand for high quality Italian food has actually led to the creation of many different “fast Italian” restaurants, that solve more authentic food than most countries.

The second is that Italian food is actually very simple. Most people think that it takes a lot of ingredients to make good food, but most Italian food requires less than 7 ingredients to make, relying on freshness and quality for the flavors we all love.

The third is that Italian food has become one of the most iconic cuisines in the world, but that it remains almost unchanged in its home country. While many other dishes around the world have undergone modernization (like Brickell Italian food), family Italian recipes have stayed the same for hundreds of years, giving a sense of connection to the people who can before them. The cuisine seems to be something that transcends barriers, making it a lot more interesting than you would think it is at first glance.