The Introduction of Tesla into the World.

The latest trend going around the car manufacturing industry is to create electric powered vehicles. These vehicles do not pollute the atmosphere hence it reduces the overall pollution of the globe, also helping in the fight against global warming.  The car manufacturer Tesla is one of the leading manufacturers that produce these vehicles; they emerged into the market with the release of the first ever fully electric sports vehicle named the Tesla roadster. Tesla is an independent car manufacturer that aims to produce electric cars at a very reasonable price for the average customer. With the ongoing concerns over global warming, tesla has proven to be ahead of the game by producing vehicles that absolutely do not require fossil fuels.

How tesla changed the automotive industry

Through the years, most automobile companies have tried to produce vehicles that are more environmentally friendly, but these vehicles still use fossil fuels at a certain point. Unless it is a hybrid version, which uses electricity which are naturally rare to come across. Tesla on the other hand, since day one has always focused on not using fossil fuels in order not to add to the pollution of the atmosphere.  They were able to make vehicles that can move as fast as any other vehicle on fossil fuel. With their first release being the Tesla roadster which was proven to be as fast as any other super powered vehicle, only that the roadster does not use fossil fuels. Tesla might not be the largest producer of automobiles, in comparison to GM or Ford, but with the production of the their electric cars, they have paved a way for rest of the industry to follow.

Reasons why you should consider buying a tesla automobile

  • They are eco-friendly, these vehicles do not operate on fossil fuels, and hence they do not emit any hazardous gasses into the atmosphere. Knowing that a huge amount of the pollution that pollutes the earth comes from cars, this is definitely a niche for Tesla if you are considering buying an electric car.
  • Unlike many other car manufacturers, Tesla allows you to order your automobile online; they would also bring the car to you just to test drive. Or you could also pay their store a visit. Most automobile companies do not practice this at all. This shows you that Tesla prioritizes their customers.
  • One of the main reasons one should consider buying a Tesla automobile is because you basically do not have to pay for gas. Since Tesla does not use fossil fuels, gas is totally out of the question. Knowing that it is battery operated, there are multiple recharge stations that one can recharge their batteries with. This process takes not more than 30 to 45 minutes.

Although rather new in the market, Tesla is seen to be making quite a buzz due to their innovative technology in terms of car production. They may not be they typical gas guzzling truck which can go off road, but they are definitely more cleaner and healthier for the driver and passengers.