When is the Perfect Dates to go to Grand Canyon National Park

With its magnificent natural beauty, there really is no bad day to visit Grand Canyon National Park. Although the months of March through May and September through October are considered the busiest times of the year, there are also crowds that are attracted during its off peak months; that which is between November and February.

The level of fun and enjoyment that you will experience while taking a tour of Grand Canyon will depend highly on planning. If you did your homework prior to flying out to Arizona, then you will most certainly have a grand time at the Grand Canyon regardless of season!

  • Don’t forget to purchase tickets, passes, and permits in advance

Book all the necessary passes and permits a few weeks before you head out to the Grand Canyon. Even when it is off peak season, there are still many activities that you can do at the Grand Canyon. For instance, the South Rim is open all year round, so you don’t have to feel sorry about skipping a tour of the North Rim.

One great spectacle that you must witness is Havasu Falls located in Havasupai Indian Reservation. As there are thousands of people who want to camp near Havasu Falls over night, it is best to secure a camping permit a few weeks before your planned trip.

  • Start early

If you are only visiting Grand Canyon for a day, make sure to start early in the morning. Make an itinerary of attractions that you wish to check out during your one-day trip. It is also ideal to check out the schedule of shuttle buses and identify the pick up points so you can time your visits to different attractions accordingly.

  • End your trip after sunset

If you are going on a day trip, make sure to witness the sunset before leaving. There really is nothing more spectacular than ending the day looking at the beautiful horizon while on top of the canyons in the South Rim!

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