What Are Three Facts About Ninebot?

A Ninebot is a 21st-century two-wheeled electrical vehicle designed for one person. They are heavily seen in places like China and are becoming more popular in places like the United States. What are three facts about Ninebot?

1. Ninebot is a Chinese Company that Bought the American Segway Company

The American company Segway launched its two-wheeled electrical transportation vehicles in 2002. However, despite enthusiasm for the vehicles, sales for the Segways in the United States were weak. Meanwhile, the Chinese were having success with their similar Ninebot. Eventually, in 2015, the United States company Segway was bought out by the Chinese company Ninebot.

2. The Ninebot is Self-Balancing

In the 20th century, we had self-balancing vehicles such as bicycles or skateboards. But in the 21st-century, we’re introduced to Ninebots. These two-wheeled transportation vehicles are self-balancing. To control the movement of the vehicle, you have to use your body by leaning forward, which allows you to reach a distance of nine to twelve miles per hour with a battery that lasts three to four hours at a time.

3. Legitimate Ninebot Products in the United States are Sold Through Authorized Segway Dealers

The Ninebot is a personal vehicle that can be used on private property. Legislation is being enacted to allow it to be used on certain roads, bike paths, and sidewalks. To purchase a legitimate Ninebot product in the United States, you must buy it from a Segway dealer. Therefore, even though Ninebot bought out Segway, Segway is still the only authorized importer of the product. There is a list of authorized Segway dealers in the United States that offer the Ninebot for sale.

Ninebot is very popular in China. However, as we continue in the 21st-century, the Ninebot will become more and more popular in the United States and other countries.